Your one-stop-shop organisation for all people new to the West Coast, multicultural matters and those wanting to meet new people. 

New Coasters

We provide local information, organise a range of activities, connect you to others, promote ethnic diversity, support your learning and encourage to become an actively involved member of our local communities. 
New Coasters is part of the New Zealand Newcomers Network. 

Our focus is to support everyone who is new to the area, but we also warmly welcome more established community members to join us. 

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New Coasters Mission Statement

Living on the West Coast

West Coast Impressions
West Coast impressions
Live where others spend their holidays - the West Coast is a unique area offering breathtaking scenery, lush rain forests, wildlife and a huge playground for walkers, bikers, kayakers and others. 

The West Coast is New Zealand's least populated area - you won't find any malls, but a good range of shops, restaurants, service providers and cultural activities.  You also don't have to worry about traffic jams or long queues...  Instead you meet friendly locals and enjoy the great Kiwi  lifestyle!  

Information about the West Coast in  multiple languages

Find out more about things to do in our events calendar

New Coasters' social activities

Regular activities
Our regular social activities
The best way to settle successfully into a new area and make friends is to join social activities. 

We offer a range of regular groups which are all open to anyone who wants to participate, they are safe, family-friendly and mostly free of charge. Check out details about those events below and read more in our current newsletter

We also inform you about many other existing local groups and clubs in the directory. 

Special activities

Special events
Special activities

Throughout the year there are many occasions to celebrate. We encourage cultural groups to share their celebrations with the wider community and organise a range of special events to increase awareness, educate, enjoy diversity and share cultural experiences. We run stalls and workshops, invite to parties, appreciate volunteering and enjoy outings to explore the area. 

Ethnic Diversity


The West Coast has always been a place of migration. New Zealand is one of the world's most diverse countries and the West Coast reflects this. We are proud to be the home for people from more than 50 different ethnic backgrounds and encourage everyone to share their cultural traits, support multicultural learning and celebrate together! 

Tell us about special holidays and other occasions and we are happy to support you in organising a celebration (or workshop or other events!)

Local information

Moving to a new area often involves a lot of questions - where can I live, what are the best places to buy things, which jobs are available and much more. 

Those questions can differ a lot depending on your individual situation and personal background. We provide a list of helpful links below. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any specific questions.

We also recommend to join the West Coast Community Noticeboard on facebook and have a good look around real noticeboards in our libraries, supermarkets, etc. 

list available soon :-)

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand impressions

New Zealand is a beautiful, safe and fascinating country which frequently ranks among the top countries to visit. No surprise  many people would love to live here and make their dreams come true. 

We would like to make sure you are well informed and understand the systems well so you can settle in smoothly.